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AFF 2017 Awards winners are announced.
During the Award Ceremony, presenter Levent Kol was assisted by sign language translator Oya Tanyeri on stage and the ceremony was...+ read more
What happened in the festival?
AFF 2017 Interviews.

AFF 2017 Festival teaser.
AFF 2017 Festival catalogue.
AFF 2017.
Brought 112 accessible films together with the audience since 2013, Ankara Accessible Film Festival will continue as Accessible Film Festival as of 2017, as it will begin visiting other cities in Turkey. The Festival will be take place between 5-7 May in Eskiehir, 12-14 May in Istanbul, 18-23 May in Ankara in 2017.

To watch film together.
We believe all people living together in the same city should take equal advantage of the services such as education, transportation and that the cultural events ....+ read more
Would you like to get updates from us?
You may follow the news about Accessible Film Festival from the social media accounts of the festival. Follow our facebook account from... + read more
What does AFF do?
Accessible Film Festival presents all screenings with audio-description, sign language translation, and detailed subtitles. While the audience with impaired vision can enjoy the film...+ read more

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